Woman Teacher Saori, 25 Years Old Mahoromatic : Season 1 Episode 2

TV-MA BS-TBS int(0)


Back at school, Suguru now has to explain his new lifestyle to his friends, since it's pretty difficult to hide the fantastic lunches that Mahoro packs for him and the well-pressed clothing that he now wears. His close friends, Hamaji and Kawahara are immediately infatuated with Mahoro's beauty, while Miyuki and Rin are slightly jealous of the same. And then there's Chizuko, the Food Connoisseur, who is completely taken with Mahoro's cooking expertise. To round off this cast of characters, Ms. Shikijo, their over-sexed school teacher, has an instant dislike for Mahoro and the attention she commands from young Suguru. This causes Ms. Shikijo to set her goal in seducing Suguru away from Mahoro. This, in addition to Mahoro's dislike for lewd and indecent behavior, has automatically created a competitive atmosphere between the two ladies. So watch out when the battle begins!

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